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Getting Started


This page provides a description of application programming with the Centrafuse Software Development Kit. The CF SDK is used to create Centrafuse "Plugins", which are just class libraries that implement the CFPlugin interface.

Plugins compiled for Centrafuse reference the CFPlugin dll, included in this SDK in the root directory. The CFPlugin dll provides the developer with all of the necessary interfaces and classes to create functional pieces to work in conjunction with Centrafuse software. For example, popular plugins that already exist are SkinBrowser, LogoDashboard, and FileSync. Satellite Radio is also implemented in CF as a plugin. Radio support is added through use of a plugin. Basically anything a developer can imagine can be added to CF.

What's the Easiest Way to Get started?

The easiest way to get started with your own plugin is to simply copy the HelloWorld (or SimpleList) project to a new directory, do some renaming of the the files to coordinate with your plugin project, and start making modifications to the source code.

SDK Development Tools

This SDK uses the following development environments for it's example build files:

Note all project files are currently configured to copy builds to the Binaries directory in the root of SDK/Examples and SDK/Flash.

A Visual Studio Solution file containing all projects in the SDK can be found in the root SDK directory. This solution file contains references to all plugin examples, all languages, and the Flash plugin project.

SDK Directory Structure

The directory structure of the SDK is logically laid out for ease of use. This is depicted and described below:

Content Directory Location
Microsoft HTML Help Document /SDKROOT/Doc
HTML Documentation /SDKROOT/Doc/html
Examples /SDKROOT/Examples
Example Source Code /SDKROOT/Examples/Source
Example Compiled Binaries /SDKROOT/Examples/Binary
3rd Party Applications /SDKROOT/3rdPartyApps
Flash/Shockwave Plugin SDK /SDKROOT/Examples/Source/Plugins/C#/CentraFlash
Graphics Files and PSD's /SDKROOT/Graphics

The contents of the "Doc" folder contains 2 forms of documentation for the CF SDK, a microsoft help compiled chm file, and plain vanilla html documentation, located in the html subfolder.

The contents of the "Examples" folder are sample applications plugins written for Centrafuse. The goal of the Examples directory is to provide sample plugins in various languages. C#, VB, C++, and Delphi are target languages to provide examples for.

The contents of the "CentraFlash" folder (within the Examples) is a simple SDK to develop flash movies that can communicate with Centrafuse. Already provided are working examples, flash project files, project files for the class library interface, and sample flash movies to use.

The contents of the "Graphics" folder are graphics files that can be used in creating plugins to match the default CF skin, Aura.

The contents of the "3rdPartyApps" folder are applications written by 3rd parties for use in developing CF plugins, and testing hardware that CF is compatible with. These applications are not supported by Flux Media, and should be used at your own discretion.

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